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Real-Time Ad Fraud Detection & Prevention Platform

Optimize User Acquisition & Improve Impact of Marketing Budgets

Block suspect traffic on runtime
Unified mobile campaign management platform with real-time fraud analytics
Threshold Configurator for real-time blocking
Configure fraud thresholds per App per fraud metric for real-time blocking with different suspect & blocking limits
15+ Reason Codes
Deep dive to understand patterns and annomilies across fraud reasons beyond CTIT

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  • Fake attribution
  • Device farms
  • Invalid IP pools
  • Hash devices
  • Sophisticated bots
  • Simulators and VPNs
  • Blue-stack traffic
  • Deprecated OS and invalid user agents
  • Non play store installs
  • Incent mixing
  • Click spamming
  • Device spoofing
  • Event spoofing and fake events
  • Pattern based analysis of traffic

Winner of Big Data Platform of the Year* Award by IAMAI

* January, 2018

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